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Alexander von Humboldt: „The Darien Canal“, in: ders., Sämtliche Schriften digital, herausgegeben von Oliver Lubrich und Thomas Nehrlich, Universität Bern 2021. URL: <> [abgerufen am 28.05.2024].

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Titel The Darien Canal
Jahr 1856
Ort London
in: The Morning Post 25789 (28. August 1856), S. 6.
Sprache Englisch
Typografischer Befund Antiqua; Spaltensatz; Schmuck: Kapitälchen, Trennzeichen.
Textnummer Druckausgabe: VII.112
Dateiname: 1856-The_Darien_Canal-1-neu
Seitenanzahl: 1
Zeichenanzahl: 2021

Weitere Fassungen
The Darien Canal (London, 1856, Englisch)
[The Darien Canal] (Paris, 1857, Französisch)
Letter of Baron von Humboldt to Mr. Frederick M. Kelley (London, 1857, Englisch)
[The Darien Canal] (Berlin, 1857, Deutsch)
[The Darien Canal] (New York City, New York, 1859, Englisch)



Sir,—In a letter from Baron Alexander von Humboldtto Mr. Fred. M’Kelley, of New York, dated Berlin, Jan.27, 1856, and published in M’Kelley’s pamphlet on thejunction of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, edited byCh. Manby, Secretary to the Institute of Civil Engineers,the following passages occur:— “It was on account of his not having made so thoroughan examination of the mountainous country between theGulf of San Miguel and Caledonia Bay that Mr. LionelGisborne’s plan of 1852 could not be carried out. Theignorance he was in as to the localities, and the absence ofmeasurements of altitude, led to the unfortunate issue ofthe courageous expedition of Lieutenant Isaac Strain.* * * * * I think nothing moredangerous to the extension of commerce, and to the freedomof international relations, than to inspire an aversion to allfuture investigation by an absolute and imperious declara-tion that all hope of an oceanic canal must now be aban-doned.” I am quite able to prove that, from the manner in whichthe late most deplorably mismanaged Darien expedition wasconducted, it was impossible for the explorers to find thevalley to which I directed attention six years ago, as afford-ing the greatest facilities for a ship canal communication,and which is distinctly marked in Commander Parsons’, ofH.M.S. Scorpion, “Survey of Caledonia Harbour and PortEscoces,” published by the Hydrographic-office in 1854. Having recently terminated the engagements which de-tained me abroad, and being now free to devote myself tothe promotion of the Darien canal project, I am ready toproceed again to the Isthmus, for the purpose of cutting aroad across it over the lowest ground, with the aid of aparty of bush Negroes; so that the engineers may take thelevels without fear of losing themselves in the bush, as hap-pened on the late expedition.—I have the honour to be, sir,your most obedient servant, EDWARD CULLEN. 11, Royal Exchange, Aug. 26.